DynIce® DUX Warps are a revolution in trawling. They are a proven way in pelagic fisheries to reduce weight, increase trawl opening, improve handling and reduce fuel consumption during trawling.

The warps use most advanced patent pending and complex design for a winch line for deep sea lifting and lowering as well as for towing fishing trawls. The rope consists of 6 different layers to give it very high cross-sectional stability and axial stiffness.

The longest rope of this type in use now for deep sea lifting is a DynIce® Warp 46 mm in one length of 4,2km. Longer lengths and larger diameters are possible.

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DUX Warps are a revolution in trawling. They are a proven way in pelagic fisheries to reduce weight, increase trawl opening, improve handling and decrease oil consumption during trawling. DUX Warps are the most advanced rope used in fisheries today, incorporating the newest synthetic high- performance fibres available and patent pending manufacturing technology and designs.

DUX Warps enhance trawl control, saves oil and last many times longer than steel warps. A set of DUX Warps in a 40mm diameter weigh only 4000kg, compared to the 29 tonnes a set of comparable steel warps weigh. The DUX Warps are made with a thread of lead inside a plastic core, which is heat sealed. When heated it is forced outwards and bonds with the DUX Warp it-self. To protect from abrasion the DUX Warps are overbraided with a thick and durable cover of Dyneema*.

DUX Warps differ from all other high-tech ropes in their design and construction. The design is innovative and patent pending. The equipment used in some of the production steps for DUX Warp is specially constructed. The result is a high strength rope with extremely low elongation and high cross-sectional stability – much like a wire but many times lighter.

The drawing to the right shows the cross-sectional stability of DUX Warp compared to conventional overbraided rope.

DUX Warps are heatset and stretched with a specially moulded core making it very compact and stiff so the circular form is well preserved, even on a drum under heavy load. Regular overbraided rope is softer and has higher elongation, and when wound on a winch drum it will flatten out and the cross-sectional shape will become elliptical, resulting in the cover and the main rope behaving differently, i.e. not working together properly.


Advantages over steel warps are manifold and crucial:


  • Full trawl spread is achieved sooner as the doors do not have to square out the weight of the wire.
  • Easier trawling at the surface as the sinking effect of wire is absent.
  • Longer warps in shallow water.
  • Warp length close to the surface or when pelagic trawling can be longer, minimising effects on sensitive species such as herring and mackerel.
  • Trawl tendency to collapse during turning is avoided.
  • Fast reaction to changed towing direction.
  • It is faster and easier to pull the trawl up to avoid rough bottom or to catch schools seen higher in the water.
  • Higher towing speed.
  • Stern load is less giving better seakeeping qualities and speed.


  • Less energy is needed to tow light weight DUX warps.
  • Same spread can be achieved with smaller doors or less angle of doors.
  • Less weight keeps the trawler higher in the water and towing and steaming resistance is less.


  • Backlash is greatly reduced compared to wire.
  • No steel threads sticking out from the DUX warps.


  • Less abrasion on blocks.
  • Less abrasion on wire guiders.
  • Less scratching of inner winch drum flanges.
  • No lubrication of warp needed.
  • DUX Warps are spliceable and easy to handle.


  • Last many times longer than steel warps.
  • Will not rust or degrade.


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