Hampidjan Australia distributes knotless Dyneema® netting, ideal for Catamaran and Trimaran multihull trampoline netting.

UC Silver netting provides excellent performance, high strength, low weight trampoline net for ultimate use.

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UC Silver is a highly-advanced form of knotless netting, made from Dyneema® fibers, that delivers superior strength and performance over conventional knotless netting. Knots are eliminated, braids are balanced with 4 strand construction, and filaments run continuously throughout the netting so twine strength is maximized in every direction.

  • •  Dyneema® is the strongest, lightest weight fiber ever made!
  • •  Up to 15 times stronger than quality steel; up to 40% stronger than aramid fibers, both on weight for weight basis
  • •  40mm BK designation is the measurement of the diamond when stretched or pulled tight
  • •  Single Mesh Breaking Strength is approx. 765 Lbs.(346kg)
  • •  Twine diameter is approx. 1/8in (3.1mm)
  • •  Manufactured and offered in a width of 100 Diamond Meshes wide. when expanded to 7/8″ square net openings, it will typically cover approx. 10 feet wide.
Ultra Cross Silver 42 mm BK 20ply Netting
Size Weight
10 ft x 5 ft 6 lbs / 2.7kgs
10 ft x 10 ft 11 lbs / 5.0kgs
10 ft x 15 ft 16 lbs / 7.3kgs
10 ft x 20 ft 21 lbs / 9.5kgs


  • •  Efficient construction
  • •  Mesh Uniformity
  • •  Highest Strength
  • •  Lightest Weight
  • •  Abrasion and U.V.
  • •  Light Resistant

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